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... Made the mistake of using another company\'s software to backup all my personal data in a single zip file archive. It supposedly verified the backups, even giving me reassuring reports, but the verification turned out to be bogus. Only when my computer drive failed did I discover that the backup software was writing corrupt zip files. So I bought Remo Zip Repair and was instantly able to recover 6,000 of my 10,000+ files.  ...


Expert's Review

"...Remo Repair Zip is a Windows application for repairing corrupt or damaged ZIP archives. It supports repairing not only corrupt ZIP files but also ZIPx archives. It works with all types of ZIP archives including ZIPx that use a custom level of compression. ZIPx is a relatively new file format developed of popular archiving software vendor WinZip Computing for allowing very high degree of data compression. ...- Computer World"


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