Remo PSD Repair Software

  • ExcellentTrustScore 5 out of 5
  • Repair corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible Photoshop file easily
  • Repairs all formats of Photoshop files such as PSD, PSB, and PDD
  • Offers a free preview of the repaired PSD file to verify the quality
  • Supports all versions of Adobe Photoshop applications (CS to CS6, CC to CC 2019, PS 2020)
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems (Including Windows 11 and macOS Monterey)

Remo PSD Repair Software: Sophisticated PSD repair software to save your creative efforts

Repairs any PSD Related Error

Remo PSD Repair software is integrated with advanced repair algorithms to repair damaged or corrupted PSD files

Repair all Photoshop File formats

With the help of Remo Repair PSD, users can repair all formats of Photoshop files such as PSD, PSB, and PDD formats

Safest method to Fix a PSD file

Developed to work in read only mode, Remo PSD repair tool ensures to avoid any further damage while repairing the file

Repair a PSD File in 3 Clicks Only

Designed with simple and straight-forward user interface user can repair a damaged PSD file with in 3 clicks

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Repair Damaged, Corrupted or inaccessible PSD files

Remo PSD Repair software defines a standard for every other PSD repair tool available today. The combination of minimalistic user interface and sophisticated repair algorithms ensure seamless repair of severely damaged Photoshop files such as corrupted, damaged or even inaccessible PSD files. Refined rigorously using real time testing scenarios, Remo PSD repair software is built to deliver outstanding results every single time.

Damaged Corrupted PSD File

Ensures Repair and Restoration of all the PSD Elements

A PSD file without its elements is just an ordinary image. Hence, Remo PSD repair software is developed not only to repair PSD file but also to restore all the elements. Preserves subtle details such as, bitmap, grey-scale, indexed color, multichannel color, duotone, lab color. After repairing the PSD file you can start working right from where you left.

Safest Way to Repair a Photoshop Document

Photoshop files are fragile and the file structure might get altered leading to permanently damaged PSD file. To counter this, Remo PSD Repair tool is developed to work in read only mode. Remo PSD Repair tool creates a new and healthy working PSD file by copying all the contents onto a new file rather than the original file. Additionally, this PSD repair tool is available in two variants for both Windows and Mac computers. If you work on a Mac, you should definitely try our Remo PSD repair tool for Mac in case of a corrupt PSD.

Just 3 Clicks to Repair a PSD file

Not only does Remo PSD Repair software repair severely damaged PSD files but also features the easiest user interface when compared to its counterparts. Users can literally repair a Photoshop document just within 3 clicks. Further, the PSD repair tool restores individual layers from a severely damaged Photoshop document.

3 Clicks to Repair

Verify the PSD Files in Preview Mode

Preview mode is a unique feature that is available on Remo PSD repair software. Preview mode gives the user a complete advantage of verifying the repaired PSD. Possibly the best way to evaluate the performance of the product just using the trial version.

How Do I Fix a Corrupted PSD File?

To repair PSD file that is damaged or corrupt PSD file, download and install Remo PSD Repair Tool and follow the below mentioned steps.

selecting damaged PSD file

repairing corrupted photoshop document

saving repaired PSD file

There you go, a perfectly repaired PSD file just within 3 clicks.

Check Repair File section to get quick insights on repairing different types of files like documents, videos, etc.

Why you should choose Remo PSD Repair Tool

  • Engineered to Perfection

    Undergoing constant refinement, Remo Repair PSD is engineered to be a holistic solution for any PSD file related error.

  • Impeccable Performance

    Remo Repair PSD delivers seamless performance with PSD files from all versions of Photoshop application (CS to CS6 and CC to CC2019 and 2020)

  • Easiest Repair Process

    With Remo’s 3 step repair process, users can easily fix a corrupted, Damaged and Inaccessible Photoshop document all by themselves.

Remo PSD Repair Tool Can Easily Solve Following Errors

  • PSD file with Unexpected End of the File Error

  • PSD files with damaged header or footer

  • PSD file Damaged due to unexpected terminations

  • PSD file with cannot parse error or inaccessible

  • PSD files corrupted due to crashed Photoshop

Remo Repair PSD - A Software You Can Completely Rely on

  • Provides Free of Cost Updates

    Remo will provide you with free of cost updates for your Repair PSD software so that you are not short-handed during any complicated situation

  • Available in Both Platforms

    This PSD repair tool is both Mac Catalina and Windows 10 ready. However, Remo also works seamlessly even on older versions of operating systems

  • 24/7 Technical Assistance

    Backed by a highly trained technical assistance team, Remo always has your back during risky scenarios to fix severely damaged or corrupt PSD files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common reasons for PSD file not opening are as follows:

  • 1. Malfunction of Adobe Photoshop application.
  • 2. Damaged or corrupt PSD file.
  • 3. Improper termination of Photoshop while editing the PSD file.
  • 4. Incompatible Adobe Photoshop version.

Launch Remo Repair PSD tool > Select the corrupt or damaged PSD or PDD file > Click on the Repair button > Save the healthy PSD file.

Yes, it is possible to recover Photoshop presets using the Remo Repair PSD tool. Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can also restore the layers, masks, and multi-color channels.

Yes, Remo Repair PSD software can fix the depth of 8 bit, 16 bit, and even 32 bits per channel

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